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Medical laboratory analyzers include equipment and devices for the analysis of blood, chemistry, coagulation, electrolytes, hemoglobin, and immunoassay. Most patients presenting at a medical facility are likely to undergo some form of laboratory test, and the laboratory analyzer is therefore in constant demand, fulfilling a vital role in the diagnosis and management of disease.

Laboratory analyzers need to be replaced from time to time in order to ensure continued accuracy and reliability. Rather than opt automatically for a brand new model, increasing numbers of purchasers are choosing to buy a used model either in its current state or following meticulous refurbishment. In the refurbishment process, a laboratory analyzer is checked for defects and disassembled before faulty components are replaced or repaired by biomedical technicians. Specifications from the original manufacture are followed strictly. The refurbished equipment is then finally retested, cleaned, packed and recertified, then sold with supporting documentation, where possible.

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Lab Analyzer

A Vox Avoximeter 1000 Blood Analyzer

AVOXimeter 1000E is a whole blood oximeter that provides rapid, accurate oximetry assessment for cardiac catheterization laboratories. It assists in with diagnosing and detecting intracardiac and great vessel shunts. The 1000E also measures and displays differences in oxygen (O2) saturation between anatomical sites.

Accudata GTS Blood Glucose Analyzer

The AccuData GTS is a blood glucose analyzer that may be used in applications relating to general monitoring of blood glucose levels, such as in cases of diabetes management as well as monitoring hyperglycemic patients, or tracking glucose levels in unconscious or comatose patients.

Advia 06474665 70 Autosampler

ADVIA 70 Hematology System is a compact, benchtop solution for CBC-differential analysis. It provides accurate results, affordable autosampling and efficient throughput as it provides 70 CBC-diff samples per hour, optimizing result turnaround time.

AVL Omni 3 Blood Gas Analyzer

The AVL Omni 3 Blood Gas Analyzer has an embedded multi-wavelength oximeter, capable of processing 40 blood gas/pH only. The AVL Omni 3 model allows data viewing on its 10-inch LCD color monitor with touch sensitivity and three-division display. Parameters measured include blood gas, hemoglobin, electrolytes, metabolite values, and co-oximetry.

Barnstead INT T415110 Labquake Shaker

The Barnstead INTL T415110 Labquake Shaker is used for low speed mixing or preparation of homogeneous particulates. Applications of the Barnstead INTL T415100 Labquake Shaker include blood sample mixing, homogeneous dispersions and liquid extractions.

Bayer 5031C 2000+ Chemistry Analyzer

The Bayer DCA 2000 + is a fully automated chemical analyzer for acquiring hemoglobin A1c and microalbumin/creatinine results, most useful in diabetes management adjustments.

Bayer 845 Rapid Lab

The Bayer Rapidlab 845 is a blood gas analyzer suited for most clinical facilities and laboratories. With automated capabilities, it calculates and measures pH, pCO2, pO2, FO2H, and FmetHb, among others.

Bayer 860 Developer

The Bayer 860 Developer, also called the Bayer Rapidlab 860 Blood Gas analyzer measures pH, pCO2, pO2, sodium ionized, calcium, chloride, and glucose. Oxygen saturation, oxygen content, actual or standard bicarbonate, base excess in vivo or in vitro, base excess of blood, and base excess of extracellular fluid are some of the parameters that can be calculated. Features of the Bayer Rapidlab 860 Blood Gas Analyzer include fully automated sample entry and delivery, up to 1500 patient report storage, customized printing options, and automatic calibration.

Bayer 865 Developer

The Bayer 865 Developer, also called the Bayer Rapidlab 865 Blood Gas Analyzer measures standard or actual bicarbonate, base excess in vivo or in vitro, estimated oxygen content, pCO2, O2, and various other parameters. Features include automatic calibration, QC range, patient reference ranges, customized printing options, onboard roll printer (with paper take-up spool), data management, and reagent-path cleaning.

Bayer Rapidlab 840 Blood Gas Analyzer

The Bayer Rapidlab 840 is a blood gas analyzer for determining the values of pH, pCO2 and pO2. It features automated capabilities including menu-driven software, fully automatic calibration, QC tracking and more.

Bayer Rapidlab 845 Blood Gas Analyzer

The Bayer Rapidlab 845 is a blood gas analyzer suited for most clinical facilities and laboratories. With automated capabilities, it calculates and measures pH, pCO2, pO2, FO2H, and FmetHb, among others.

BIOMERIEUX Minividas Chemisty Analyzer

The bioMerieux Mini VIDAS is a fully-automated chemistry analyzer with a small footprint. A reliable model, the Mini VIDAS can process up to 12 tests at once.

Dade Stratus CS Blood Gas Analyser

The Dade Stratus CS Stat Fluorometric Analyzer is the perfect solution for health care facilities to obtain quantitative cardiac biomarker results rapidly. In as little as 14 minutes, the Stratus CS system analyzes direct, closed tube sampling of whole blood (heparin) or plasma (heparin) and determines analytes.

Fluke 1912A Multi Counter

The Fluke 1912A Multi Counter is capable of displaying frequency, period, period averaging and total measurements. Features include 7-digit LED display, auto ranging, auto reset and warning signal.

Fluke 8000A Multimeter

The Fluke 8000A Multimeter is used in battery or line operation. Features include pushbutton operation, self-locating decimal point and overload protection for 26 ranges.

Leica CM1850 Cryo

Equipped with an optimized refrigeration system, the Leica CM1850 Cryo provides an efficient and quick way to cool and section specimens. It includes a fast and smooth specimen orientation with zero-position centering.

Millipore AFS 8D Deionizer

The Millipore AFS 8D Deionizer provides purification solution for analyzers with degassed pure water needs. Features include consistent degassed water quality, optimized pretreatment and polishing packs, low feed water consumption, robust system, full monitoring and water quality archiving capabilities.

Siemens Dimension RXL MAX Blood Analyzer

Equipped with an integrated system, the Siemens Dimension RXL MAX Blood Analyzer is capable of running up to 91 methods simultaneously. It is capable of handling 100 BMP samples per hour and 800 tests per hour.

Siemens Dimension XPAND Blood Analyzer

An easy-to-use system, the Siemens Dimension XPAND Blood Analyzer is capable of running simultaneous tests. Other features include a comprehensive menu, low calibration frequency and automatic reflex testing.

Zeiss 750 Field Analyzer

The Zeiss 750 Field Analyzer features automatic vertex monitoring, and automatic pupil measurement, and head tracking (which provides automatic alignment of patient’s head during test). Hard drive of 1.1 GB with streamer tape back-up increases data capacity and security.

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