Ohmeda Giraffe Infant Incubator

The Ohmeda Giraff Incubator was developed to meet the needs of both clinicians and patients. It is a neonatal intensive care system that carries the patented Baby Susan rotating mattress that allows the caregiver to rate the bed for patient accessibility. With its integrated x-ray cassette, patient disturbance is significantly reduced.
The Ohmeda Giraffe Incubator is an enclosed neonatal intensive care microenvironment developed through a philosophy of extensive user input to best define products that meet the needs of clinicians, patients and families. Several unique features provide a superior developmentally appropriate environment for the patient, while decreasing stress for family and simplifying procedures for the clinician. The design of the Giraffe Incubator is unlike any other incubator available.

The Giraffe Incubator offers superior patient accessibility. It is equipped with the patented Baby Susan™ rotating mattress that allows the caregiver to rotate the bed 360° for easy patient access. Even if the bed is titled 12 degrees, the dual access doors and portholes gives the operator access to the patient. Moreover, the centralized display/control unit provides accessibility from either side of the bed plus excellent viewing of all equipment and patient parameters.

To minimize patient disturbance, the Giraffe system is equipped with an integrated X-ray cassette tray and has an internally activated bed tilt is smooth and continuous through 0-12° in both Trendelenburg positions. This bed tilt can be activated with one hand, allowing the caregiver to comfort the infant while changing his bed position.
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